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Music Shakers Classes

Our classes are held in a comfortable room where young children sing, dance and play instruments along with their parents and siblings. We also offer a baby class which is designed for infants from a few weeks of age to walking.

Each class is approximately an hour in length and includes social time at the end to meet friends and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Active participation from the parent or caregiver is important, since you are your child’s most important influence. 

Some people hesitate at first, and some doubt their musical abilities. However, everyone can enjoy singing, moving and playing with their child, echoing their sounds, responding non-verbally and giving active encouragement.  By joining in you will enhance the group’s experience and promote your child’s musical growth and development.

Children’s reactions to this new experience are varied. Many children will join right in, others may need some time to observe quietly without much active participation at first. Some others may explore the physical surroundings and have a hard time staying in the group.

All of these reactions are perfectly acceptable ways that young children take in a new situation. From experience most children will actively participate in the group after a few weeks time when they are more aware of what the program entails. Children absorb the musical experience even when they are not fully participating, and many will re-enact the sessions when they are in their homes.

Sessions are held beginning in September, January, April and August except for the Christmas and Easter holidays, school half-term breaks, and late July.


We collect information via registration forms and subscriptions in order to contact people about class dates, fees, news and changes such as cancellations. The forms are stored securely and the emails are used to contact members by mailchimp about once per term. The data is not disclosed to any third parties. People may ask what data is held about them, and they can unsubscribe at any time or have their personal data be erased or rectified. Feel free to contact us or read our terms.

Locations in Birmingham, England

St Mary's Church in Moseley Christadelphian Hall in Kings Heath Dell RoadMalvernValeCommunityCentre

St. Mary's Church
St Mary’s Row
Birmingham B13 8HW, UK

Methodist Church
Cambridge Road
Kings Heath
Birmingham B13 9UE, UK

Grace Church
8 Dell Road
Birmingham, B30 2HZ, UK

Malvern Vale
Community Centre
Swinyard Road
Malvern, WR14 1GU, UK


Please contact a teacher to register for a class (places are limited).

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New members are welcome to try a free class. Contact us to enquire about available days and locations.

Payment Options for Registering for Class

  1. Click on the preferred class to go to the pre-registration page.
  2. Indicate the type and quantity of tickets desirec.
  3. Click on “order now”.
  4. Fill in the pre-registration form entering name, email, etc.
  5. Pay the teacher by cheque, cash or BACS transfer in order to confirm that you are registered.
  6. Some classes do fill early, so do reserve your slot as soon as possible by sending payment.
  7. Note that we no longer accept payment by paypal or credit card in order to keep fees as low as possible.